How to enter CyberPatrol license details manually

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

I have the CyberPatrol 7.7 trial installed, how do I activate my paid license?

I have CyberPatrol 7.7 installed, due to expire and not set to auto-renew, how do I get my currently installed version to be good for another year?

I just renewed my CyberPatrol license or bought a new license but the product is still showing up as expired, why?

How do I enter the new license details manually?


If you have a 14-day trial installed, or have a paid license that is set to expire (without auto-renew), and wish to continue your subscription, you will need to purchase a new Parental Controls license from CyberPatrol Online Store and enter the new license details into the existing installation. It is not necessary to reinstall the software.

If have already purchased a new license, follow the steps below to enter the new license details into your existing software.



1. Launch the HQ toolbar by clicking on Start > All Programs > CyberPatrol > Headquarters.

2. Click on Open HQ and log in with your HQ password.



3. Click on the About button.

4. Click on the View Subscription Details button.




5. Enter the new license information (found in your order confirmation email) into the corresponding fields and click the Activate button.



6. Click OK on the confirmation once CyberPatrol has been activated.