How to Export/Import your CyberPatrol settings

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

The article below descibes the process of applying your CyberPatrol settings to multiple computers using the Export/Import tool.


NOTE: This tool is only designed to export/import filtering settings and not general product settings, so it doesn’t include things like:

•    HQ password
•    Product Update schedule
•    License
•    Subscription expiry behaviour
•    HQ Appearance advanced settings such as ‘Hide the CyberPatrol icon on the Windows Taskbar’
•    Internet Proxy settings



1. Download the Export/Import tool here.
2. Once the download has completed, double-click on the file to run the wizard.


3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

4. Choose Export and click Next.

5. Choose where you would like to store the Exported settings and click Next.

6. Enter the HQ password for the current installation of CyberPatrol and click Next.

7. Click Next on the Summary page to start the Export process.

8. Click Finish.




1. Install CyberPatrol Parental Controls (if not yet installed). Directions can be found here.
2. You will need to download or move the Import\Export tool to this machine. Download the Import\Export tool here. Note: You will also need to copy the Export file from the export computer to the import computer.
3. Double-Click on the Import\Export tool to run it.
4. Click Next on the Welcome Screen.

5. Choose Import and Click Next.

6. Point the Import\Export tool to the location of saved Export file and click Next.

7. Enter the HQ password from the export computer and click Next.

8. Click Next on the summary page to start the Import process.

9. Click Finish.