CyberPatrol Invoke Update Tool

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

CyberPatrol offers a tool that can be used in the environment where automatic product updates and list updates cannot run due to a Windows user lockdown policy installed on the computer.


The summary of the tool is below:

The CyberPatrol Update Invoker Tool signals to the CyberPatrol Client product to perform a Product Update. Its use is intended for users who need to externally schedule when Updates are performed. Such users include those using system snapshot products that allow a machine to be periodically returned to a known state.

For example, a publicly available computer in a library may need to undo any previous day's changes by restoring the computer to a known snapshot image. However, doing so could undo that day's CyberPatrol Product Update and result in CyberPatrol performing the same update the very next day. This can be a resource waste to the customer's and our update server's bandwidth.

When using such snapshot tools, they typically offer the ability to refresh the snapshot. Doing so usually follows the steps of:

1. Restore snapshot image.
2. Trigger any system and product updates.
3. Create new snapshot image.


This is where this tool comes into play:

To use this tool, you need to do the following:

1. Set the CyberPatrol product's Product Updates Frequency to 'Manual only...'

This is a requirement so that Updates are not also performed outside of this snapshot regeneration period, as those updates are lost and simply waste our update server's bandwidth.

2. Run CPInvokeUpdate.exe

If the update is successfully signaled then this tool will automatically close after 10 seconds. This does not indicate that the update has completed nor does it give any indication on whether any update was found by the product. The CyberPatrol product simply independently performs its Product Update as if the User had clicked the 'Update  Now' button. So, essentially, you can schedule Windows Task Manager to run this tool at any time convenient for you.

You can download the tool from

 This tool is only specific to CyberPatrol version 7.7.