How to enable Windows Username Integration

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

To enable the Windows User Name Integration feature, follow the steps below:

1. Open CyberPatrol HQ
​2. Click on Manage User Profiles

3. Select the User Profile in question and then click the Additional Options button towards the bottom of the window.

4. Check the box: 'Switch to this User Profile when the User Profile Name matches the Windows User Name'.

NOTE: If Windows Username Integration is not working for one of the users:

- Verify the above steps have been enabled for the correct CyberPatrol user profile.
- Make sure your CyberPatrol User Profile names match exactly to your Windows User Account names. 
- The Windows User Accounts must be previously logged into at least once. If this is new Windows profile, log into it and browse the Internet for a few minutes.
- The Windows User Name Integration feature only works with Local Users of the computer and does not apply to Domain Users. You can still create CyberPatrol User Profiles but it is not possible to link them to a Windows Domain User Name, they will have to manually switch from the User Profile to their CyberPatrol User Profile.