How to use the Remote Management function

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

The article below describes how to use the Remote Management function and how to export the CyberPatrol settings.

Do I need an additional license to use the Remote Management feature?

No, you can download and install a free 14-day trial version of CyberPatrol Parental Controls on the computer designated as your central administration computer, and setup the Remote Management on it. Once the 14-day trial expires, the Remote Management functionality will remain active and you can continue to use the expired software to perform remote management tasks. All other program features, such as web filtering and monitoring, will no longer function once the trial expires. You can prevent the CP icon from flashing as expired on your Taskbar by opening the CyberPatrol HQ, clicking on Extended Features, selecting Behavior Options and choosing the option to 'Hide the CyberPatrol icon in the Windows Taskbar'. To access CyberPatrol HQ click on Start > All Programs > CyberPatrol.

If you are interested in the Remote Management feature, or the ability to Import and Export filter settings between different CyberPatrol installations, there are 2 options available to you. Please read the following information carefully before deciding which option is the right one for you.


OPTION 1 - Remote Management Functionality for Advanced Users and System Administrators:

This option allows you to use the Remote Management functionality built into the current version of CyberPatrol. NOTE: This feature has been designed for networked environments of 5+ users and is intended for use by Advanced Users and System Administrators only, as they are the most familiar with their network configuration. Users of the Remote Management feature should have a good knowledge of Windows security and an awareness of networking architecture. The underlying concept behind the remote management functionality is the ability to Import and Export data.


Remote Management Features:

-Export settings to remote CyberPatrol installations.
Configure User Profiles and Global filter settings on your central administration computer and export them.

-Import settings from remote CyberPatrol installations.
Import User Profile and Global filter settings from remote installations so that you can configure them ready for export.

- Delete User Profiles
Delete CyberPatrol User Profiles no longer required on remote computers.

- Send License
Use Send License to remotely manage your licenses within the Manage Computers window.

- Remote Monitored Data
Use the Monitored Data Transfer Wizard to retrieve monitored Internet activity data from remote installations.


Typical use scenario:

20+ Computer Network, Installing, Licensing, Customizing and Retrieving Monitored Data.

1. Install CyberPatrol on each computer and configure each one for remote administration - refer to Remote Management Guide.
2. Install CyberPatrol on the central administration computer and add details of the remote computers.
3. Send license details out to the remote installations from within the Manage Computers section of the CyberPatrol HQ.
4. If you need to customize the filter settings on the remote computers, you can configure User Profiles on the central administration computer and export them to the remote computers.
5. Use the Monitored Data Transfer Wizard to retrieve Monitored Internet Activity data when needed.


Download the Remote Management Guide:


OPTION 2 - Simple Export and Import solution using the export tool.

When installing on multiple computers, you may wish to only allow access to a predefined list of websites, block access to certain websites that are not blocked by CyberPatrol or override the web filtering of certain websites on all your installations. Normally, this would require each entry being typed into every installation. This Export/Import tool enables you to easily apply the following settings for all User Profiles in CyberPatrol:

•    Allowed Sites
•    Blocked Sites
•    Allowed Keywords
•    Blocked Keywords
•    ChatGuard Keywords

In order to import settings into a new CyberPatrol installation, you will first need to export them from an existing CyberPatrol installation.

NOTE: The import/export tool is only designed to export filtering settings and not general product settings, so it doesn’t include things like:

•    HQ password
•    Product Update schedule
•    License
•    Subscription expiry behaviour
•    HQ Appearance advanced settings such as ‘Hide the CyberPatrol icon on the Windows Taskbar’, etc.
•    Internet Proxy settings

To download the tool and for instructions on how to use it, please see below.



1. Download the Export/Import tool here.
2. Once the download has completed, double-click on the file to run the wizard.


3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

4. Choose Export and click Next.

5. Choose where you would like to store the Exported settings and click Next.

6. Enter the HQ password for the current installation of CyberPatrol and click Next.

7. Click Next on the Summary page to start the Export process.

8. Click Finish.




1. Install CyberPatrol Parental Controls (if not yet installed). Directions can be found here.
2. You will need to download or move the Import\Export tool to this machine. Download the Import\Export tool here. Note: You will also need to copy the Export file from the export computer to the import computer.
3. Double-Click on the Import\Export tool to run it.
4. Click Next on the Welcome Screen.

5. Choose Import and Click Next.

6. Point the Import\Export tool to the location of saved Export file and click Next.

7. Enter the HQ password from the export computer and click Next.

8. Click Next on the summary page to start the Import process.

9. Click Finish.