How to restrict access to game R

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

With some Internet based computer games, such as Runescape, user's online time may not be properly deducted from Time Management's daily/weekly allowed limits. This is because the way the game is designed, it does not remain actively connected via http once the game is launched, so the user may be able to play the game past their allowed time.

In order to limit the time the game is played, you can add your Internet browser to the list of restricted programs:
1. Open the CyberPatrol Headquarters and click Customize Filter Settings.

2. Click Customize next to Time Management.

3. Click Customize Time Restrictions.

4. Select Enable Time Management.

5. Specify user's daily limit and click Save.
6. Click Up Menu twice to get back to Customize Filter Settings screen.
7. Click Customize next to Program Restrictions.

8. Click Customize Programs...

9. Next to the Program List screen click Add.

10. Click Find New Programs, click OK.

11. Select your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) from the list. You will need to add one at a time.
12. Also check to see if there is a Runescape.exe file listed and add it, if present.
13. Choose 'Current user Profile' and click OK.

14. The added browser will be displayed in the Program List. Highlight the browser, click Restrict access based on Time Management Settings and click Save to apply the changes. (3D Pinball is used as an example).

To prevent access to Runescape at all times follow these additional steps:

16. Click Up Menu twice to get back to Customize Filter Settings screen.
17. Click Customize next to Web Filtering.

18. Select My Blocked Keywords.

19. Add the following as a blocked keyword: and click OK.

20. Save your changes.