ChatGard blocking words in documents

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

I am unable to see some words in documents after enabling CyberPatrol's ChatGard.


Unfortunately, this issue is just part of ChatGard's functionality. ChatGard has two parts to it, inbound and outbound. The inbound option is quite clever and can remove the word from a message going to text programs like Instant Messenger, or even within HTML code on web pages, as long as the program has been listed as monitored. However, the outbound ChatGard feature is very basic it only monitors keyboard activity. It cannot be set as allowed on some programs and blocked on others. Once a blocked keyword is added it will prevent a user from typing it in any program. This also prevents the blocked text from being copied from one program and pasted into another. Setting the program to the allowed list will not bypass this process.

The only available solution is to create extra profiles. Set up one profile with no Internet or chat access but do not turn on the ChatGard feature. This will allow for normal operation of MS Word and other documents but will prevent all Internet activity.

Next, create a 2nd user profile, set the filtering controls as needed and turn on the ChatGard. With this profile enabled, the user will not be able to type in their blocked words in to any program or websites and Chat groups will be filtered. Set the profile password to be simple, or omit it altogether, as it is not a security option switching between the profiles, just the desired filtering setting for each situation.

For more information on how to create user profiles please refer to the CyberPatrol 7.7 User Guide