How to restrict access to game World of Warcraft

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

Some online games such as World of Warcraft actually use several different programs to run. It can use the main program to start up the game but switches to other programs to run it. In order for CyberPatrol to restrict access to these games you will need to add all the programs to CyberPatrol's Program List. Taking the World of Warcraft game as an example here are the steps:

1. Open CyberPatrol HeadQuarters.

2. Click Customize Filter Settings.

3. Click Customize next to Program Restrictions.

4. Click Customize Programs.

5. Click Add and click Find New Programs.

6. Choose to 'Manually locate a program file.'

7. Navigate to C:\Program Files\WarcraftNOTE: Substitute Warcraft with the game you wish to restrict.

8. Add ALL executable files that are listed:
Frozen Throne.exe
Warcraft III.exe
World Editor.exe

9. Choose the User Profile to apply the program to and click OK.

10. Change the Access Level for each game to Deny access at all times or Restrict access based on Time Management settings (Time Management should be enabled and configured for this option to be selected).

11. Click Save to apply the changes.