How Time Management works

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

CyberPatrol measures time used on the Internet in two ways. First way is with Web access, where CyberPatrol monitors activity on the normal ports that are used for web browsing. This system logs time used as long as traffic is passing through the ports. If you stop browsing for a period of time (about three minutes) the timer will stop and restart again once you open a new page. We find this an accurate way of monitoring internet usage. However, some software updates like Windows or Anti-Virus updates use the same ports and this activity will also be counted as time used for Internet access. We have also seen a few cases where peer-to-peer software such as Kazaa use the time up due to other users downloading files from your shared folders and it counts as a use of Internet traffic. We recommend turning off the option within the peer-to-peer program to share files.
The second way that CyberPatrol logs time is for Program usage. Once you have added a program to the list of monitored programs within CyberPatrol HQ, CyberPatrol checks the running programs every minute and if the listed program is running it increases the timer by one minute. The timer will round up to the nearest minute i.e. if the program has run for 1 minute 5 seconds the timer will list two minutes. 

Both of these timers work together, so if one or more time monitored programs are running and you are also browsing the Internet, then only one minute gets increased NOT one minute per time monitored program.
The most common reason for time limits to run out too quickly is due to internet traffic happening in the background. Software updates or peer to peer software being used. The next most common reason is that you have listed a program that is meant to run all the time as a time monitored program like one of the Windows files or CyberPatrol itself (you should not add CyberPatrol as a monitored program). Try returning the Program List settings back to default and see if the time still increases incorrectly. If so, start looking at applications that could be updating e.g. Windows updates, Anti-Virus, Weather\Stock update software etc. You may be able to see the network traffic via a personal firewall program.
If you are still having problems then if you can send the filtering settings profile to Support, so that we can check your settings and make any suggestions that could help. To do this:

1. Open CyberPatrol HQ.

2. Select 'Extended Features'.

3. Select 'Filter Settings Report'.

4. Click on 'Generate Report' (this will generate a CP report shown on a webpage).
5. Click 'File' - 'Save As' and save to your Desktop.