How to block Facebook, MySpace and other social networking websites

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

Social networking sites are a fast growing phenomenon and enable users to share pictures and messages with friends and anyone else using the site. is an increasingly popular social networking site offering personal advertisements, blogs and many other items.

CyberPatrol does not block access to all of Facebook. However, the Chat section of the site is part of the Chat category and may be blocked, depending on your settings. The content of each page on these websites is difficult to filter as the pages contain a large amount of text and images. As the administrator of CyberPatrol you can choose to block access to sites like and The most effective way to do this is to use CyberPatrol's Blocked Keywords feature:

1.Open the CyberPatrol Headquarters and click Customize Filter Settings.

2. In the screen that follows click the Customize button alongside 'Web Filtering'.

3. Click My Blocked Keywords...


4. Click the Add button next to the corresponding user pane for the current 'User Profile' or add globally to all users.

5. Enter the lines below, and then click OK.


You can also add the top level of any other website your wish to block. (ex.,, etc.)

6. Click Save to apply changes.