How to restrict access to programs installed on the computer

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

CyberPatrol's Program Restrictions feature allows you to easily identify programs installed on your PC and assign access levels to either limit by time or deny access altogether. You can use it in combination with blocking certain file extensions from being downloaded to prevent programs like Kazaa and LimeWire from being installed on the computer.

To add programs to your monitored list:

1. Open up CyberPatrol Headquarters.

2. Click on 'Customize Filter Settings'.

3. Click on 'Customize' next to Program Restrictions.

4. Click 'Customize Programs'.

5. At the Program List section, click Add.

6. Click on Find New Programs.

7. Select the recommended automatic search and click OK. (This will generate a list of all programs installed on your computer).

8. From the resulting list select the program(s) you wish to restrict. TIP: You can select more than one program at a time by keeping the Ctrl button pressed down.
(NOTE: If the program does not appear on the list, go back and select manual search and navigate to the program's folder on your computer).​

9. Choose whether you wish to restrict the added program(s) for the Current User Profile or All User Profiles. Click OK.

10. Once the program has been added, you can choose how to filter it:

Allow access at all times
Restrict access based on Time Management settings or
Deny access at all times. (3D Pinball is used as an example below).

To prevent installation of programs by blocking all executable files from being downloaded:
1. Open up CyberPatrol Headquarters.

2. Click on 'Customize Filter Settings'.

3. Click 'Customize' next to Web Filtering.

4. Click 'My Blocked Keywords'.

5. Click Add next to Current User Profile or Global User Profiles and enter keyword: .exe

6. Click OK and Save.