How to block or monitor chat programs

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

How can I block the chat programs?

How can I monitor or restict certain keywords from being typed in a chat program or Internet browser?


The following information is copied from the Help section on CyberPatrol Parental Controls toobar, under the Monitoring Chat section. Please refer to the help section for more helpful information.

CyberPatrol's ChatGardTM feature enables you to prevent the outbound disclosure of household information such as address details, while giving the child the freedom to keep in touch with friends over the Internet. In this way you can protect them from the unwanted attention of strangers. It can also filter out language that you specify as unseemly. It does this by replacing words that must be filtered out with dots. Messages are checked against a list of supplied words which can be customized.

1. Open the CyberPatrol HQ Toolbar (Start > All Programs > CyberPatrol > Headquarters) and click on 'Open HQ'.

2. Log in with your HQ password and click on 'Customize Filter Settings'.

3. Click on the 'Customize' button next to ChatGuard Filtering.

To filter Chat you will need to add the Chat program, or in the case of Web-based email, the Internet Browser to the Program List and then set it to 'Allow'. Navigate to the ChatGard Filtering screen (see above) then follow the steps below to add these programs once you are at the Program List screen.


How do I add programs so that they can be monitored?

Select 'Customize Filter Settings' and click the 'Customize' button alongside Program Restrictions. Click 'Customize Programs' to see the Program List screen.


1. In the Program List screen click 'Add'. You will now see the Add Programs dialog. If this is the first time that you have added a program to CyberPatrol the Program pane will be blank.

2. Click 'Find New Programs'. You will be asked if you want CyberPatrol to look for installed programs or whether you want to look for them yourself. It is recommended that you allow CyberPatrol to look for programs automatically.

3. Click 'OK' to start the search for installed program. Once the search is finished the programs will appear on the list.

4. Select the program that you wish to add and click 'OK'. If you wish to select more than one program this can be done by either holding the SHIFT key down to select a group or by holding the CTRL key to select individual items.

5. When you apply limitations or filtering to a program you can either apply them to one specified profile or ask CyberPatrol to apply this to every profile you have. Once you have clicked OK a dialog will appear asking whether you want to apply this to every profile or just the one that you are working with at the moment:

6. Default choice is to apply the changes only to the profile you are working on at the moment. If you wish to have this limitation applied to everyone then select the 'All User Profiles' option. This will enable the section where you can specify whether you want access to the program to be allowed or denied. Use the steps below to set up the Program List for each type of filtering:



How do I monitor a Chat program?

To monitor Chat you must first add the keywords that you wish CyberPatrol to remove if they are typed by the user. Select Customize Filter Settings and click the Customize button alongside ChatGard Filtering.

1. Click the 'My Blocked Words and Phrases..' button. You will now see the My ChatGard Keywords screen.

2. Add the keywords that you wish to block to this screen and save your changes.

3. Next select the program(s) you wish to monitor. NOTE: ChatGard can only filter programs that you have added to CyberPatrol. Click the Up Menu button at the bottom of the My ChatGard Keywords screen or, if you are using the Options menu, click Chat Programs. You should now see the ChatGard Filtering screen.

4. Click the Select Chat Programs to Monitor button to see the Chat Programs screen.

5. To filter common Chat programs already known to CyberPatrol, just select the corresponding check box at the top of this screen. By Default, both boxes will be checked.

6. You will also see all of the programs that you have added to CyberPatrol in the bottom pane along with a green icon to show that it is allowed. Select the boxes of any programs that you want to monitor for keywords and phrases. The icon will change to the CyberPatrol shield to show that it is being filtered.


What should I add to the list?

Other chat programs you could consider filtering include:

Yahoo Messenger
Microsoft Windows Messenger
MSN or Windows Live Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger
Any of the supported Intertnet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)


If you can't see the program that you wish to monitor check the following:

Have I added the program to CyberPatrol? - you must add the program to CyberPatrol so that it can monitor it.
Have I set the Program Access Level to Allow? - if the program Access Level is set to Deny then it will not run, as the whole point of this setting is to prevent a program launching at all. With ChatGard, Program Access must be set to Allow or restricted by time so that it can run while ChatGard monitors it.
When I added the program to CyberPatrol did I save the settings? - any changes made to CyberPatrol must be saved regularly.