Separate Time Management for programs and Internet

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

How can I have different Time Management settings for the Internet connection and the programs installed on my computer?

Can I set restrict the usage of the programs by time, without restricting the Internet connection?

At this time, the current version of our software does not offer separate time management for your Internet access and the programs you may wish to restrict. The restrictions for the programs are based on the Time Management settings for your Internet access and applying the time restrictions for programs will also affect the restrictions for your Internet connection. We are looking into the possibility of adding a separate time management feature for programs and Internet access in future releases of CyberPatrol.

If you wish to allow Internet access but time restrict access to other programs like chat, games or specific websites, you will need to create multiple user profiles in CyberPatrol headquarters.

  • One user profile will have the program(s) you wish to restrict set to be blocked completely.
  • The second user profile will have the program(s) set to be time restricted for a specific amount of hours. This will allow the user to have access to the Internet using both User Profiles but they will need to switch to the second user profile when they wish to access a time restricted program. You could call the 2nd User Profile 'Game Access' or 'Chat Access' .

For help with setting up user profiles please refer to the CyberPatrol User Guide available below: