Filtering Youtube, Yahoo Video and other online streaming sites

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

Online streaming media websites such as those provided by Youtube, iFilm, Google or Yahoo are not categorized by CyberPatrol as CyberPatrol does not have a Streaming Media category. Many of these streaming media websites do contain some inappropriate material that may be of a violent or adult nature and there are warnings that the content about to be viewed is 'Mature Content'.

The dynamic filtering technologies in CyberPatrol, which are applied when filter strength is set to Max, do analyze the content of a webpage but there is not enough information on many of these websites for the Web Page Analysis to categorize it as Adult (or other blocked category) because the majority of the content on the page is not adult. You can set CyberPatrol to block access to such websites completely using the steps below:


1. Open the CyberPatrol Headquarters and click 'Customize Filter Settings'.


2. In the screen that follows click the 'Customize' button alongside Web Filtering.


3. Click 'My Blocked Keywords...'


4. Click the 'Add' button on the right hand side. You can add the blocked keyword to a specific user profile or to all user profiles.


5. Enter a keyword or full URL from the website that you want to block. e.g.


6. Click Save.