Limiting time on Facebook or other specific websites

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

How can I block a specific website like facebook for certain times of the day?


By default, CyberPatrol is not designed to restrict access to a specific website for a specific amount of time. You can either completely block any website, or block all Internet altogether. In cases where you may wish to block a website, like Facebook, for a specific amount of time, the best approach would be to create multiple user profiles.

  • One profile would be set up to block Facebook completely at all times.
  • The second profile would be set up with Time Management where it would allow Internet access for any specific amount of time (2 hours per day, for example).

This will allow a person to use Facebook and other websites for up to two hours a day and then switch to the second profile where Facebook will be completely blocked.

For help with setting up user profiles please refer to the CyberPatrol User Guide available below: