Hotmail or Yahoo webmail is being blocked by CyberPatrol

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

CyberPatrol may block access to web-based email such as Hotmail or Yahoo, Gmail. The reason this happens is due to the active filtering engine that analyzes the web page content and categorizes it as Chat. The page content of these web-based email accounts change continuously, may contain many ads or banners and can read a lot like a chat website. For the same reason, if someone sends you an email on the war or containing a lot of adult/sexually explicit language the page may be blocked under the weapons or adult category.

To allow unrestricted access to Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo webmail you can add keywords to the 'My Allowed Keyword' section of HQ using the steps below:

Open CyberPatrol HQ. Click on Customize Filter settings > Web Filtering: Customize > My Allowed Keywords.

Add the following keywords:

For Yahoo mail add:

For Hotmail add:

For Gmail add: