Will CyberPatrol slow down my Internet connection?

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

If installed correctly, CyberPatrol should not have any noticeable impact upon the performance of your Internet connection.

The quickest way to determine whether a site is questionable is by maintaining a complete list of sites along with their categories. As our corporate products require dedicated servers, the size of these lists can be in the magnitude of 100's of megabytes. However, CyberPatrol is a home product and must work within a limited computer specification and hence memory required by our product must be kept to a sensible level.

In order to achieve this and yet maintain a high percentage of categorization we use intelligent software that analyzes the content of each web page requested. So, although the speed of downloading web pages to the computer is not affected, the process of analyzing the complete content does take fractionally additional time and is related to the speed of your computer. As long as your computer meets our minimum requirements i.e. Pentium II, 64MB, 30MB free disk space, you should not see any degradation in Internet access speed.

"But I have installed CyberPatrol and am sure my Internet access slowed down!" - Did you disable your Security/Anti-Virus software prior to installing CyberPatrol? If not, it may have interfered with CyberPatrol installation and is preventing it from functioning properly. It is recommended to uninstall CyberPatrol, temporarily disable Anti-Virus/Firewall programs and reinstall CyberPatrol again.

Other things to check for:

Do you have you any other Internet Filtering or Parental Controls software installed on your computer? If so, they may be conflicting with CyberPatrol and should be uninstalled.

In recent years we have seen a major increase in the distribution of malicious software on customer's computers referred to as Parasite software, Adware or Spyware. This software is usually installed without the user's knowledge and often comes with Peer-to-Peer/File Sharing programs. These rogue pieces of software lie seemingly dormant but clog up your system until an Internet based program like CyberPatrol is installed and then you notice a significant slowdown of Internet speed. For further information please refer to this informative article from PC Magazine:


1. Ensure your computer is free of any possible viruses/spyware by running a scan of your computer. If you do not have a spyware scanner, you can download and install "Spybot Search & Destroy" from www.download.com or "Malwarebytes" from www.malwarebytes.org.

2. Clear your Internet browser's History/Cache: Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools > Internet Options. Click "Delete", select Temporary Files and click "Delete" again. Once you have performed these steps you should restart your computer and reinstall CyberPatrol, if necessary.