Error: Time Tampering has occurred

CyberPatrol • 22 June 2015

Time tampering will be detected when a user moves the system clock forward, browses the Internet, and then puts the system clock back or if the date/time settings have been adjusted on the computer in any other way. Doing so will cause the "Time Tampering has occurred" error and all Internet access will be blocked for security reasons. Internet access can be reset by opening the CyberPatrol Headquarters and following the steps below.


1. Shutdown Cyberpatrol: Go to Start > All Programs > CyberPatrol > Headquarters. At the toolbar click on Shutdown button.

2. Check your system clock to ensure it is set correctly: Click on the time in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and click 'Change date and time settings' link if necessary.

3. Open CyberPatrol HQ and check to ensure your subscription is valid. To do this:

Click 'About' on the CP toolbar.


Click on 'View Subscription details'. Check if the license expiration date is correct.


4.  Delete your cached Internet files: For Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet Options and press the Delete button. Check the boxes next to Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and press OK.

Also be aware that the Time Management does not have to be enabled for Time Tampering to occur.  Time Tampering is only related to whether the time on the PC has been adjusted and set back.

- Please note that it is possible for computer's system clock to gain about a minute each week. There is an option within Windows XP (and newer Operating Systems) to synchronize with an Internet time server, which is enabled by default. When it performs the check and sets the clock back, CyberPatrol may detect this as time tampering. You could try switching this feature off if the error keeps occurring. To do this, double click your system time (bottom right hand corner) and select the Internet time tab. Uncheck the option to automatically synchronize.

- Some Internet Security products may also include a remote time synchronization option. If you have an Internet Security Suite or a Chat Monitor program, please check its configuration to make sure there is no time synchronization feature and disable it if necessary.