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9 Blocked Categories

CyberPatrol's SiteCAT puts web sites into 45 different categories. Nine of which are blocked and 36 of which are allowed. We encourage you to become part of our web site review team and have your opinion heard.


Sites that discuss adult topics, phone sex, adult chat rooms. Nudity may be included, but not graphic sexual content. Hate, advocating of violence, Satanism and other subversive groups are included. Domains that sell adult novelty items (vibrators, and sex toys), or adult videos.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Sites that sell alcohol or tobacco, or discuss how to make alcohol and mixed beverages.

Error or Blank

Domains that either do not resolve to a valid server, or are misconfigured.


Online gambling, bookmaking, sports betting, dog tracks, horse race betting. Sites that host gambling events but do not allow online betting are not included.

Hacking and Warez

Sites that discuss or distribute tools for hacking, cracking, attacking, or phreaking systems. Any site that contains keys, serial numbers, or cracked downloads for pirated programs.

Illegal Activities

Illegal online pharmacies (prescription free purchasing), how to modify weapons, bomb making, phishing, credit card fraud, illegal drugs and drug manufacturing, or recreational drug usage.

Parked Domains

Domains that are parked. These include companies like and others who hold domains and pay people for their usage.


Domains we have flagged from our spam traps.


Graphic adult material. Pornographic sites and sites that sell pornographic material.

36 Allowed Categories

CyberPatrol's SiteCAT puts web sites into 45 different categories. Nine of which are blocked and 36 of which are allowed. We encourage you to become part of our web site review team and have your opinion heard.

Ad Servers

Companies that serve or provide banner or other types of advertising.

Alternative Life Style

Gay, Lesbian, Nudist Colony, etc. No nudity may be expressed on the site. These sites talk about these alternative lifestyles only.


Attempt to bypass Internet filters or provide information about how to do it. May include systems to make your Internet connection anonymous or hide your identity.


Museums, art galleries, artist sites, photographers. Artistic nudes may appear.


Allow auctions and/or bidding on their site.


Either offer blogging services, or personal pages for individuals or families.


Run by a business. They may or may not be trying to sell something. If they are trying to sell something online they will also be put in the shopping category.


Contain a chat area or are primarily dedicated to online chat.


Computer related sites. May discuss computer software, programming, how to repair them, etc. Computer companies will also be listed here. Sites that offer downloads of products will also be listed in the downloads category.

Dating and Personals

Online dating guides and matchmaking services.

Download Media

Music, streaming radio, movie trailers or any other media type of download.


If there is any type of application available for download from a site it will be in this category. Sites that specialize in downloads (like are in this category. Sites that offer downloadable music are also in this category.

Education and Reference

Schools, universities, and sites that are primarily dedicated to research for schools. Online homework help sites are included in this category.


Sites that include information about the entertainment industry, or are for personal entertainment. Movies, television, and magazines are included here. Joke sites and other online gaming sites may be included here. Games are also included in the game category.

Finance and Investment

Any site that offers stock trading, investment advice, or online banking.

Free Hosting

Companies that allow free webpage hosting. If they have a canonical name for their free hosting only that is entered.


Gaming sites, and gaming related activities sites. Gambling related sites are not included here. Casino and other online betting are in the blacklist for gambling. Poker and other gambling games (that do not allow betting) may be included here.


Health related sites that are legal in nature. Hospitals, and medical related sites like legitimate pharmacies. Online pill sites are classified in the blacklist for illegal activities.


Home decorating, appliances and things that are purchased for homes. Real estate for homes is also in this category.

Job Search

Resume posting and job hunting sites.

Kids and Teens

Sites appropriate for children and teens. Some teen online help sites are included.


Sell or promote lingerie. No graphic photos allowed.


News agencies and outlets. This includes press release sites.


Recreational activities (Canoeing, hiking, boating, sailing, skating, weightlifting). Includes both outdoor and indoor recreation. Sports is found in a separate category.


Primary purpose to redirect you to another site. This may be to hide the identity of the destination site. is an example.


City, state, country, military, or government sites.


Religious discussion sites, and sites for churches. No hate or pro violent religious sites allowed.


Science and discussions of science related information. Biology, DNA, and science related companies (Science labs).

Sex Education

Sexual education and additional sites. No graphic adult material allowed.


Offer something for sale on their site.


Clubs, organizations for causes (non profits), social issues like politics.


College, amateur, professional, and Olympic sporting events and activities. Sporting equipment sites are also included here. Locations that primarily offer sporting activities are included (bowling alleys, gyms, etc).


Travel agents, destinations or companies who specialize in travel services.

Weapon Related

Weapon related sites for guns and knives that are not illegal. Gun clubs, hunting, legal weapon sales, etc.

Web Mail

Offer webmail from their domain.


Domains here may be in some categories above if they have an English speaking page. No graphic sites are in this category. If a domain contains no English it will be classified here.

Review and Change Policy

CyberPatrol uses a combination of technology and human reviews to create an up to date database of categorized web sites. Our proprietary technology uses modular categorization engines that give us the capability to review and categorize web pages. And while technology allows us to deal with a large volume of web sites, human review by our users and internal staff help assure accuracy.

CyberPatrol’s Web Site Review system lets anyone look up a web site and determine how CyberPatrol categorizes it. Users can submit a site for manual review by our research group. Sites are reviewed against criteria defined by our blocked and allowed category lists. If we find that our technology has inaccurately categorized a site, we will make the appropriate change.