What's SiteSURV?

SiteSURV enables organizations to monitor and control the type of content that can be accessed on the Internet using your organization’s networks – and it does so at a very accessible price. This makes it a particularly valuable tool for environments where many different people may be using your computer systems, such as libraries, educational institutions, and businesses that use pools of temporary or contract workers.

Because SiteSURV is cloud-based, it’s both more cost-effective (no extra hardware required) and easier to manage than other types of web filtering solutions. The web-based control panel enables organizations to manage Internet usage for all the devices connected to the network – PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones - from one remote location, and there’s no need to install any software on those devices. This multi-device capability makes SiteSURV an effective component of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.

Site SURV enables organizations to totally customize Internet usage by choosing up to 44 site categories to block or allow users to access over the network. Custom blocked category profiles can also be created for further web filtering, as well as different profiles for different situations, so profiles can be changed as needed – for example between a group of schoolchildren and an adult education class at a library. It’s also possible to upload a customized site list, which can be updated according to current requirements.

Control Panel
  • Manage the entire network from any PC with Internet access
  • No additional hardware or endpoint software required
  • Monitor all Internet access activity remotely
  • Protect computers and other devices via up to four access points (routers, PCs, or servers)
  • Create different block and allow profiles for each access point
Control Access to Internet Content
  • Block or allow access to up to 44 different categories of web sites
  • Choose default settings for always-blocked or always-allowed categories
  • Add a custom blocked category profile based on individual needs and policies
  • Create and switch between multiple profiles for different situations
Manage Internet Usage
  • Create custom list of blocked and allowed sites
  • Easily add sites that should always blocked or allowed
  • Upload custom list of sites
  • Apply custom lists to override default settings
Easy-to-Read Reports
  • Monitor and graph baseline data such as number of sites accessed vs. blocked site access
  • Easy-to-read graphs compare web access activity with attempts to view blocked sites
  • Monthly reports build patterns of activity and user behavior over time
  • Save reports in .CSV format for ease of export and integration with other applications

Support Every Step of the Way

Web content filtering doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, not with access to an effective managed filtering service like SiteSURV. Although SiteSURV is easy to install and use, configuring the most appropriate categories and profiles for any individual situation can be a little daunting for those with no experience of setting up an Internet filter before. So when an organization first signs up for the service, the CyberPatrol support team will ensure that the system is configured appropriately for your organization.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

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Most shared and business computers access the Internet through a server, router or some other device that delivers Internet connectivity. A typical example would be a wireless router installed in the computer room in a library or college dorm. It enables all computers and other Internet-enabled devices to share a single ’access point’ to the Internet.

SiteSURV is a service that works with routers and other types of access points, such as individual PCs or servers configured to serve that purpose, to monitor and filter Internet access. Every device that accesses the Internet through that access point (router, PC, or server) is protected against potential threats from inappropriate sites while allowing free access to approved sites.

Because it’s delivered as a service, SiteSURV requires no software installation on the devices located behind the access point. This means that protective filtering is automatically applied to every device accessing the Internet via that access point – PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

Normally, the access point connects devices directly to the Internet. When SiteSURV is introduced into the system, the access point called the Domain Name System (DNS) is directed to CyberPatrol’s filtering servers before allowing those devices to connect to the Internet. The filtering server examines all website access requests passed to it by the access point and compares them to the organization’s list of categorized sites to determine if the site being requested is a good site (allowed) or an undesirable site (blocked). Requests for allowed sites are processed as if the device were connecting directly to the Internet, but requests for blocked sites are answered with a web page notifying the end user that the site has been blocked by CyberPatrol.

Managing Internet Access

Internet access is managed through the SiteSURV control panel, accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. From the control panel, organizations can:

  • Add and manage locations (access points)
  • Select and create filtering profiles by category
  • Create a custom Blocked/Allow list of web sites
  • View activity graphs and charts

These parameters can be modified at any time. Additional access points can be added and managed under the same portal. Each product license lets the organization protect up to four access points.

The greatest benefit of a managed service like SiteSURV is that there are essentially no system requirements beyond an Internet connection. This brings with it the added benefit of delivering a platform-independent solution that can protect devices running under pretty much any operating system.

SiteSURV offers organizations access to web filtering software without the responsibility of managing it internally. As a managed service, it eliminates costly installations and additional hardware costs, and lowers overall maintenance. What customers purchase is an annual subscription fee to access the software, which is hosted by CyberPatrol.

Compare CyberPatrol's web filtering solutions and choose the one that's right for you.

 SiteSURVOnline Protection Pro
Software as a Service Yes Yes
Cloud-based console Yes Yes
Client-based agent   Yes
Supports Windows Yes Yes
Supports Mac Yes  
Protection Level At router/gateway At PC
Filtering & Categorization    
Website filtering Yes Yes
Custom categorization Yes Yes
Always Blocked list Yes Yes
Always Allowed list Yes Yes
Allow Only list Yes Yes
Custom user settings   Yes
Number of preset categories 45 45
Features and Functionality    
Monitors internet activity Yes Yes
Remote administration Yes Yes
Monitors chat & IM   Yes
Time Online management   Yes
Instant email breach alerts   Yes
User activity reports by email   Yes
Monitors and alerts for sexual content   Yes
Monitors and alerts for harassment   Yes
Custom content alerts   Yes
Safe search   Yes

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