Why Monitor and Filter Online Resources in Government?

Monitoring and Filtering in Government and Military

  • Blocking questionable web sites in a government office or military environment reinforces with employees and contractors their responsibilities in ensuring a safe and professional working environment.
  • Stopping web-borne attacks before they happen is increasingly a required component in an effective security strategy, as well as for data privacy mandate compliance. By implementing web filtering and controlling how online resources are used, many of these attacks can be stopped before they can impact operations.
  • Controlling and monitoring online resource usage can also help to maintain higher levels of productivity by restricting specific categories of website and/or the time at which they can be accessed.

CyberPatrol gives you two comprehensive options to protect your students against the unfiltered Internet, both delivered as managed services so there’s little or no software to deploy and no additional hardware to buy and maintain:

SiteSURV filters at the access point. SiteSURV lets you monitor and manage all Internet activity from one location, blocking or allowing specific categories of site, or you can create your own blocked category profile for different categories of user.

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Online Protection Pro filters at the individual user level. If you need more flexibility than the “one size fits all” approach of SiteSURV and have the resources to create and manage individual or group profiles, this is the solution for you.

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"Our library system has used CyberPatrol for six years on its public access computers and found it to be priceless. It offers Internet filtering by category, keyword, or individual website. The program is easy to install, configure and technical support is quick and responsive."
- Michael McDonald, Franklin Ferguson Memorial Library