Filtering Web Content

What’s the safest way to ensure Internet security in your organization? In most cases, the best way to keep your Internet safe for all users is by implementing an effective way to block out inappropriate content while still providing access to necessary sites the members of your organization need.

SiteSURV by CyberPatrol is an Effective Web Content Filter

SiteSURV by CyberPatrol is web content filtering software that is actually a web-based service as opposed to a software program. For you, the website administrator, this means you can manage Internet activity without having to spend a lot of your organization’s precious money on pricey user application software or hardware. For budget-conscious organizations, this is an important consideration.

Web Filtering at the Access Point

Another key benefit offered by SiteSURV is web-based filtering allows you to filter all computers that share a common access point, such as a server or wireless router. This means you can block or allow access to multiple computers from one remote location without the need to install software on each individual computer. Think of the time and money this can save you when it comes to system management.

Creating Custom Web Content Filters

Do you want to block access to certain websites but not others? Do you want some members to have access to certain sites while preventing others from viewing them? With SiteSURV, you’re in complete control of who can see which sites.

Business web filtering can occur on a site-by-site or computer-by-computer basis for pinpoint control of your web content filtering process. On the other hand, your enterprise web filtering needs may be more general in nature. Instead of blocking or allowing individual websites on specific computers, you can also select to filter on a category-by-category basis by selecting up to 44 categories you can choose to block or allow.

Web Filtering for a Variety of Organizations

SiteSURV is easily adaptable for virtually any type of organization, no matter the size. It works just as well as a small business web filter as it does for larger corporations, and it’s even a good choice for a home web filter. The easy customization means easy compatibility to any filtering need.

SiteSURV Can Be Upgraded as Your Needs Change

For modern organizations like yours, things can change at a moment’s notice. SiteSURV lets you “roll with the punches” whenever you need to change or upgrade. If you need to quickly add or delete websites or categories you block or allow, you’ll be able to do so. You can even create multiple customization programs in advance and apply them as the need arises.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your computer systems needs could be managed as easily as SiteSURV allows you to control your organization’s Internet security? We feel that our product is the best web filtering software available.