Services for Filtering Websites

There’s no doubt the Internet has improved the quality of our lives. For schools and libraries, the Web is a valuable educational and research tool for students, teachers and patrons. The Internet has also provided a whole new way of doing business by allowing companies to offer their goods and services in the global market.

Despite all its many benefits, the Internet is far from perfect. Users have access to inappropriate or even harmful content. That’s why the dynamic web filtering service SiteSURV from CyberPatrol is critical to the security of any institution that relies on the Web.

Blocking Inappropriate Content

SiteSURV allows you to block any content you deem unsuitable for your organization. You can select up to 44 website categories to block or allow, or create a custom blocked category profile based on the unique needs and policies of your organization. You can even upload your own list of custom sites and easily make additions or deletions whenever the need arises.

The Managed Service Advantage

Unlike a traditional content filtering software program that requires you to purchase additional software and hardware, SiteSURV is a managed web filtering service. There’s no additional user application software or hardware to purchase or install, and because the service is web-based, you can manage it from any computer with Internet access.

SiteSURV also covers all PCs on up to four access points, such as servers or routers. You can create different “block and allow” profiles for each access point, providing endless opportunities for customization.

Convenient Monitoring Capabilities

With SiteSURV, you’ll also have the benefit of being able to monitor website activity. You’ll have access to easy-to-read graphs so you can quickly compare web access activity versus attempts to view blocked websites for up to 30 days at a time.

Web Filtering Made Easy

Web content filtering doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, not when you have access to an effective filtering service like SiteSURV.