Website Content Filters

Has the prospect of the hassle and added expense of installing a content filtering software program kept you from purchasing the web filter service you know your computer system needs? Are you afraid that adding yet another software program will slow your system down or make it more cumbersome to use? If so, the problem may be you’ve yet to find the right content filter that truly meets the unique needs of your school, business or library.

Introducing SiteSURV from CyberPatrol

Unlike other types of web filters you may have come across, SiteSURV from CyberPatrol does not require installation of an extensive software program. Instead, SiteSURV is a web-based service, which means no user application software or hardware is necessary, and you’ll be able to manage and control your Internet filtering from one remote computer with Internet access.

A Fully Customizable Internet Content Filter

A content filter should allow you to customize its function to meet your organization’s specific needs. With SiteSURV, you’ll be able to block or allow up to 44 website categories or upload your own customized site list. You can easily add or delete blocked or allowed sites as your needs change.

Monitoring Activity of your Content Filter

No matter what type of web filtering software you choose, being able to track and monitor user activity is essential to its success. Site SURV gives you access to a variety of user data, such as web access activity compared to attempts to view blocked sites. This way you’ll know for sure if you’ve chosen the right sites to block or allow, which means you’ll know if adjustments are required.

Why Bother with Software?

Using SiteSURV for your website blocking needs is the safe, easy way to ensure Internet security in your organization without “junking up” your computer system with unnecessary software.