Filtering Internet Access

If you’re in charge of Internet administration in your school or business, you might have first-hand experience when it comes to the threats posed by inappropriate Internet use. You might also have concerns as to whether the web filtering software is really getting the job done; that is, if you’re even using school web filtering software at all.

SiteSURV May Be Just What You Need

With SiteSURV filtering software from CyberPatrol, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your Internet is totally safe and secure. SiteSURV is the customizable solution for managing web activity, making the process of filtering Internet access as simple as possible.

No More Software or Hardware Nightmares

Perhaps the biggest drawback to using any type of enterprise web filtering is the headaches involved with installation. Not so with SiteSURV. It’s a completely web-based service, meaning you don’t need to install any user application software or hardware whatsoever. A web-based service also means you can control and monitor Internet activity from one remote location.

Is Your Current Web Security System Customizable?

Do you currently use a “cookie-cutter” website filtering system that only provides the same level of protection throughout your school or business? Wouldn’t it be better if you could customize Internet security to fit your precise needs?

With SiteSURV, customization is at your fingertips. You’ll have the ability to create customized profiles to allow some users access to specific sites while blocking those who should not have access. If you need to update your customized lists, such as when hiring a new employee or launching a new project, you’ll be able to do it quickly and effortlessly.

Don’t Overlook Internet Security in Your School or Business

If you’re not doing all you can to monitor Internet security, you’re placing your organization at risk. Eliminate the risk by using SiteSURV for your web filter needs.