Web Filtering Options for Your Home

With the need in many families for both parents to work outside the home these days, it can mean kids spend more time home alone. And more time alone means more time to surf the Internet without parental supervision. SiteSURV from CyberPatrol eliminates the worry your kids will explore inappropriate websites or become the victim of a cyber crime.

No Access to Dangerous Chat Rooms

We’ve all heard the horror stories about kids being lured by sexual predators who make contact with them through chat rooms while posing as children themselves. SiteSURV is an effective web filtering software that allows you to block access to all chat rooms, as well as any other sites you deem inappropriate. In fact, you can select up to 44 website categories to block or allow, or you can perform web filtering for your home by individual websites if you prefer.

Stop Cyber Bullying

Chat room can also be used for cyber bullying, where kids attempt to intimidate or humiliate other kids by posting harmful information or threats. The effective internet filter SiteSURV gives you the power to stop cyber bullying in its tracks, increasing your sense of security in the process.

A Home Web Filter That’s Easy-to-Use

Because SiteSURV is a web-based service instead of a software-based program, it’s easy-to-install and use. There’s no user application software or hardware necessary. You can completely customize your list of sites you want to block or allow and make additions and deletions without a big hassle. You can even monitor your kids’ Internet activity to make sure you’re blocking the right websites.

Home Web Filtering Gives You Peace of Mind

SiteSURV gives you the peace of mind knowing your kids are using the Internet as safely as possible, even if you can’t be there with them.