Why Monitor and Filter Online Resources in the Enterprise?

Monitoring and Filtering in the Enterprise

Blocking questionable web sites in an enterprise environment assures regulators, customers and partners that your company is taking a proactive approach to security. Stopping web-borne attacks before they happen is a requirement for regulatory compliance and, increasingly frequently, in business contracts. By implementing web filtering and controlling how online resources are used in the enterprise business, organizations can stop many of these attacks before they can impact operations.

Controlling and monitoring online resource usage can help enterprises to maintain higher levels of productivity by restricting specific categories of web site and/or the time at which they can be accessed.

In today’s business world, there needs to be a balance between web access without borders and ensuring network security and business efficiency. With CyberPatrol, you can choose between preset or customized global controls (SiteSURV) or individualized controls (Online Protection Pro). Both will facilitate enterprises getting the most out of the web without putting operations, employees, partners, or customers at risk.

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"Here at Green Wire, we have found that the On-Line Protection Pro has increased productivity and to be very robust and very easy for our customers to use and understand."- Marko Mendez, Green Wire, Ince