Why Monitor and Filter Online Resources in Schools and Libraries?

Libraries and schools face many of the same challenges. Both provide Internet access that may or may not be supervised, depending on the users. And the sites accessible to those users may require different levels of control, depending on the age of the user.

For these reasons, CyberPatrol provides two comprehensive options to protect users from the unfiltered Internet, both delivered as managed services so there’s little or no software to deploy and no additional hardware to buy and maintain:

SiteSURV filters at the access point. SiteSURV lets you monitor and manage all Internet activity from one location, blocking or allowing specific categories of site, or you can create your own blocked category profile for different categories of user.

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Online Protection Pro filters at the individual user level. If you need more flexibility than the “one size fits all” approach of SiteSURV and have the resources to create and manage individual or group profiles, this is the solution for you.

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"CyberPatrol SiteSURV has protected our school computer users against inappropriate internet activities for the past several years. It was simple to set up, easy to administer and by it being cloud based I can maintain the filtering from anywhere."
- Dan Worthen, Yuma County Library