Technology Partnerships

Leverage CyberPatrol Technology and Deliver Enhanced Value to Your Product Offerings

Integrate CyberPatrol Technologies with Your Products or Private Brand Your Own Web Filtering Software

CyberPatrol technologies include the SiteCAT Internet Categorization engine, SiteSURV hosted web filtering technology, SiteSURVplus network web filtering and CyberPatrol Parental Controls.

  • Simple, low-risk Integration - Add our technology across a wide range of software and hardware based operating systems and network environments.
  • Dedicated Support - Our dedicated Technology Partners support team gives you the consultancy and tools you need for successful integration.
  • Proven Reliability - Breadth of product offering, the depth of experience, and the integration support.
  • Award Winning Performance - Since 1995, our award winning technology has protected millions of users and businesses and is recognized by leading publications and security groups for our technology excellence

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SiteCAT SDK Gives you Easy Access to Our Powerful Categorization Engine

New sites with objectionable and harmful content are published to the Internet every day. Many links to these sites are obscure and rarely indicate the nature of the content they contain. And because of the frequent use of web redirectors you can never count on being in total control of your browser. SiteCAT,CyberPatrol’s Internet categorization engine, finds and categorizes objectionable sites.

The SiteCAT SDK lets you integrate this technology over a wide range of applications SiteCAT, features proprietary innovative technology that proactively crawls the Internet, checks each Web site, and divides the results into 46 categories of good and bad sites. SiteCAT is a proven technology that has been continually enhanced to address changing threats and incorporate the latest technologies. It is the core technology for all CyberPatrol products.

Our White Box Program Get's You to Market in Weeks

Parental Controls software is used in homes, businesses, and education to control internet access, manage internet usage, and monitor activity. CyberPatrol's white box program lets you create a private branded version of our award winning Parental Controls product. And because it's specifically designed for white box applications, you can create your own product in weeks.

  • Designed specifically for white box applications
  • Use your logo and colors to create a look that reinforces your brand
  • Online user manual that is easily branded to match your product
  • Product development support
  • Pricing based on sales volumes

Web Filtering Technology for Network or "In the Cloud" Filtering

Designed for small to medium sized businesses, CyberPatrol's SiteSURV products offer powerful web filtering technology "in the cloud" or on a network. Products can be private branded or integrated with existing products.


‘In the Cloud’ Managed Service Installs in Minutes. CyberPatrol SiteSURV Internet filtering offers protection from Internet abuse, viewing of inappropriate content, and illegal downloads – all of which can expose businesses to legal liability, security issues, lost productivity and increased bandwidth consumption.


A combination of network-based filtering software and a comprehensive database of known ‘bad’ web sites. It reviews web site requests from network users, and blocks or allows access to web sites based on parameters you select.