Software for Blocking Websites

How can you tell for sure the amount of time your students or employees are spending online? If your school or workplace isn’t using CyberPatrol, it’s probably more time than you’d like. There’s nothing wrong with productive use of the Internet; it’s the inappropriate use that can get those in your school or place of business, and ultimately you, the administrator, in trouble. That is, unless you install Online Protection Pro website blocking software on all your Internet-accessible computers.

Keep Tabs on Internet Time

With Online Protection Pro website blocking software, you have the power to control the amount of time individuals spend online. You’ll have the flexibility to allot Internet time limits on a per-user basis, greatly decreasing the occurrence of aimless surfing. You can even customize the time spent online by only permitting Internet use during specific times during the day for each day of the week.

Custom Web Blocking Capabilities

Online Protection Pro also allows for customized website blocking and filtering. Filter by selecting from 44 available categories or by creating your own list of sites you wish to block. You can also specify approved sites, which will block all others not on the list. You can easily modify your list of blocked or allowed sites if needed. The web blocking capabilities prevent the downloading of programs that may be inappropriate for your classrooms or office, or could potentially harm your computer system.

Stop Online Harassment Before It Can Escalate

Unfortunately, sexual harassment takes place in numerous worksites, and bullying is an all-too-common occurrence in schools as well as at work. In fact, according to a 2007 WBI-Zogby suvey, 13 percent of American workers said they were currently being bullied on the jobsite, while 24 percent said they had been bullied at some point in the past. Online Protection Pro helps you prevent online harassment and bullying before it can get out of hand. You can receive customized alerts as soon as a threatening or inappropriate email is sent. The web blocker monitors a variety of chat and email programs and is designed to recognize improper words or phrases.

What Types of Alerts are Available?

With Online Protection Pro website blocking software, you as the administrator will receive timely alerts that indicate inappropriate web activity may be occurring. The software is programmed to detect language in emails that may be harassing or threatening in nature, then the system will automatically notify you as to their existence. It also monitors online chat exchanges. If protection of your organization’s confidential information is a concern, you can receive customized alerts based on the presence of sensitive information like phone numbers and credit card information. You’ll be able to take swift and sure action before serious damage can occur.

Gain Access to Informative Reports

Online Protection Pro website blocking software gives you access to a host of reports concerning your organization’s website activity. You can receive a summary of all activity on a monthly or even weekly basis. This will help you identify trends that may be developing regarding inappropriate web use, allowing you to take corrective action or adjust your filtering settings if necessary.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Try Online Protection Pro Now with No Obligation

Don’t wait for a major incident to occur. Installing Online Protection Pro blocking software now ensures you’re doing all you can to protect your organization. We will even allow you to try Online Protection Pro on a no-obligation trial basis so you can see for yourself how it is the best solution for your Internet protection needs. If you are not completely satisfied that Online Protection Pro is the best website blocking software on the market today, simply contact us to cancel your subscription after 30 days. It’s the risk-free way of minimizing the risk to your Internet security!