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Online Protection Pro
Powerful, flexible web monitoring and filtering for optimum Internet usage
   » Cloud-based management console ensures ease of management
   » Protection follows end-user systems wherever they go and whoever uses them
   » Customizable user profiles, filtering capabilities and black & allow lists
   » Protect against leakage of confidential information
   » Use Active Directory accounts to set policy and filtering levels
   » SaaS-based architecture delivers fast deployment and implementation
   » Cost-effective - no extra hardware to buy or resources to train
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What's CyberPatrol Online Protection Pro?
Online Protection Pro (OPP) helps organizations of any size to make the best use of online resources by controlling how users access and use those resources and their associated communications channels, like chat and VoIP. Because OPP is delivered as a service from the cloud, users do not need specialized IT resources or infrastructure to deploy and maintain the software. It’s a simple task to set the filters, either across the organization or differentially by group,  by selecting from 45 preset categories or by creating a custom “block and allow” list. If your organization’s network is built around Active Directory, policy and filtering levels can be implemented and deployed using AD accounts, and custom settings can be enforced according to user or PC.  Everything is monitored and managed through a single cloud-based management console that can be accessed from any Internet-connected PC.

Web Filtering
   » Prevent access to unsuitable web sites, content, or image types
   » Choose from 45 preset categories or create custom filters
   » Block sites by preset or individual custom categories
   » Build a whitelist of approved sites for ultimate control

Safe Search
   » Enforce safe search on popular search engines.
   » Easily set and maintain search protection levels
   » Suppress inappropriate and/or offensive search results
   » Block sexually explicit pictures in image searches

Time Management
   » Ensure online time is productive time
   » Set and enforce online time limits by user
   » Establish time blocks by hour or day when web use is permitted
   » Easily create and enforce custom online access schedules

Data Leak Prevention
   » Receive alerts according to preset or custom watch lists
   » Scan online conversations to protect confidential information
   » Monitor for specific data types in communications, such as credit card or social security numbers
   » Create custom scans for specific words or numbers

Customize User Profiles
   » Use default, age-based profiles for simple filtering requirements
   » Scan online conversations to protect confidential information

Reports &Alerts
   » Easy-to-read reports provide a quick snapshot of all online activity
   » Generate reports on a weekly or monthly basis for comparison
   » Instant email alerts enable organizations to take action immediately a problem arises
Managing access to online resources is important in maintaining a safe and productive environment. Online Protection Pro keeps users focused on the task at hand, but is flexible enough to provide different levels of access for different user types. It can even be used to schedule online time for trusted users that’s free of restrictions, such as break times or after hours or classroom.

Organizations can establish individual profiles for different groups of users to allow for differential online activity requirements, and customize the lists orcategories of site for each profile. The cloud-based management console providesvisibility into what’s going on with every protected system, and instant alertsare issued via email whenever a system oversteps the bounds.

Because it’sdelivered as a service, Online Protection Pro is easy to deploy and maintain,with no additional hardware or specialist IT knowledge required.

30-dayMoney Back Guarantee
If you’re not happy with Online Protection Pro after 30 days for any reason, let us know.  We'll cancel your subscription, no questions asked, and give you a complete refund. So why not give it a try today? <link to trial download>

Online Protection Pro ensures focused and productive online time for users in business,education, and at public computing facilities such as libraries and conferences. Delivered as a service over the web, OPP comprises an agent that’s installed on every system to be protected and a cloud-based management console.

The agent monitors activity on individual systems according to filtering and access policies configured to meet the needs of the organization; OPP is fully AD-compatible. The management console delivers those policies to the end user systems, issues alerts via email when rules are broken, and enables monitoring of online activity by user or group of users. The console is also used to manage licenses and add or remove users and computers from the system.

Can users bypass Online Protection Pro?
Online Protection Pro is password protected and as long as "windows administrative access" is disabled on each computer, the user will not be able to uninstall or deactivate the software.

With Online Protection Pro, organizations can:
   » Protect all computers and users, regardless of location, from a single console
   » Access the console from any computer with an Internet connection
   » Create individualprotection profiles for each user or group of users
   » Receive instant alerts of security breaches via email
   » Configure and distribute activity reports

All you need to install and run Online Protection Pro are:

One of these Operating Systems:
   » Windows® 7 SP1 *
   » Windows® Vista SP2 *
   » Windows® XP Home Edition SP3 *
   » Windows® XP Professional SP3 *

One of these browsers:
   » Internet Explorer 8.0 to 10.0
   » Firefox 9.0 and above
   » Chrome 16.0 and above

   » Pentium II or higher
   » 1024 MB memory
   » 100 MB free hard disk space

A valid internet connection is required.

* With Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8.0 or above installed.
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Click to download these CyberPatrol resources:

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You may also find these third-party resources useful in developing and implementing web filtering policies in your organization:
   » U.S. Department of Justice/Cybercrime
   » InfraGard/FBI
   » Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
   » SANS Institute:
   » Internet Security Alliance

If you're working with children and young adults, CyberPatrol also offers a free* educational resource kit containing:
   » Surfing Among the Cyber Sharks e-book
   » Internet Safety PowerPoint presentation
   » Additional security tools

The resource kit is free to bona fide education, social service,and training organizations.